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4 indie makeup brands that are mica-free or ethically sourced

Interested in mica-free makeup brands, and want to support small businesses?

I think we can all agree that indie makeup brands really reflect our societal attitudes and expectations, in a way large cosmetics companies can or do not. They are in a position to produce high quality items, on a small scale with minimal impact on the environment. I like to support indie businesses in general, and I’m always looking for small companies that innovate within established industries. It’s also important to me that products are sustainable and cruelty-free.

My makeup routine is pretty minimal, but I really do love me some highlighter. I love how it adds a beautiful glow to my cheeks with just a little sparkle. But a lot of glittery makeup contains mica, a mineral prized for its shimmery qualities. It can be milled to a fine powder, ideal for eyeshadow palettes and highlighters. Unfortunately, it is often mined through child labour in underdeveloped countries. (For more on this, read my post on the hidden labour of beauty). I have compiled a list of indie makeup brands that do not use mica, or have committed to ethical sourcing of mica.

Check out these 4 amazing indie makeup brands!

Pure Anada


Nudi Goods

Clean Faced Cosmetics

If products don’t indicate where the ingredients are from, then how can we avoid supporting companies that source materials from child mines?

We can buy ethically. Look for companies that are transparent about their labour practices, and have demonstrated a commitment to addressing child labour in their supply chains.

And we can share our knowledge about the risk of child labour in cosmetics with our friends and family.

We can spread the message on social media. Let’s encourage others to learn more about the hidden labour in the cosmetics industry

And we can also contact our favourite cosmetics brands. Ask them what they are doing to ensure their supply chains are free of human rights violations and to make this information publicly available.

Be sure to check out these mica-free makeup brands, and let me know your thoughts!