5 Minimalist Jewellery Brands You'll Love

5 minimalist jewellery brands you’ll love

Looking for simple jewellery that says “I’m here but I’m not in your face”? Keep reading for 5 minimalist jewellery brands you’ll love.

I’m a low maintenance kinda girl when it comes to my hair and makeup, and this applies to my jewellery preferences too. For many years I didn’t wear much of anything, maybe just a pair of earrings here and there. But then my boyfriend got me a pretty little necklace for my birthday last year, and I like how it adds just a little interest to my overall look. I started wearing earrings again, though I still really only like low profile studs. Dangly earrings are pretty but they get stuck in my hair and then I nearly rip my ear out. Which is not cute.

The other day, I was going through my dresser the other day and I found a tiny pair of earrings that my Nonna gave me. They’re little gold elephant studs, and when I put them in I loved how dainty and elegant they look.

I went on the hunt for more minimalist jewellery, specifically small businesses that are committed to sustainable and ethical production. Check them out!

1. Ana Luisa

About: Ana Luisa is committed to creating jewellery ethically without the usual retail markup. They have committed to being carbon neutral by the end of 2020. Plus they only use recycled gold, which reduces the need for mining. And all pieces have a lifetime warranty, which is so rare to see these days.

Style: Simple and cute, but still fun. I feel like you could these earrings are all perfectly sized: not too big and not too small. They offer earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, as well as fine jewellery.

Price: $$-$$$

Where to buy: Items are available for purchase online

5 minimalist jewellery brands you'll love

Shop: https://www.analuisa.com/

2. Simple and Dainty

About: Based in San Francisco, Simple and Dainty was launched with a mission to create high quality and affordable jewellery.

Style: Simple and dainty are actually the perfect words to describe this line! Cute, minimal, and easy to mix and match. They offer a full range of jewellery plus gift cards. Check out the anklet collection: so cute for summer!

Price: $$

Where to buy: Items are available for purchase online


5 minimalist jewellery brands you'll love

Shop: https://simpleanddainty.com/

3. Maison Miru

About: Maison Miru creates cute and creative little pieces that are easy to mix and match. Designed in New York City, they actively support small, local, or businesses run by women (check out my post about sustainable skincare from Canada for more amazing women-operated businesses!

Style: Basics with a creative twist, at an affordable price point. The pieces are delicate and the shapes are bold: think lightning bolts and evil eyes. If you’re looking for minimalist jewellery that still makes a statement, this is is the place!

Price: $-$$

Where to buy: Items are available for purchase online


5 minimalist jewellery brands you'll love

Shop: https://www.maisonmiru.com/

4. Jenny Bird

About: Based in Toronto (hey girl hey!), Jenny Bird’s collection combines modern design with minimalist frames. And the line is super committed to ethical production and transparency (Check out my post about 10 sustainable fashion brands from Montreal for more brands like this!) Right now they are running a pandemic relief initiative, where 100% of net proceeds from your purchase of a rainbow pin will be directed to the YWCA to provide support for vulnerable women and their children. 

Style: If you like simple but statement jewellery, this is the collection for you. The designs are contemporary and modern. I’m a fan of the Faye Knockers collection – love the mixed metal look!

Price: $$

Where to buy: Items are available for purchase online


5 minimalist jewellery brands you'll love

Shop: https://jenny-bird.ca/

5. Catherine Zoraida

About: Handcrafted in England, Catherine Zoraida’s jewellery collection includes a wide variety of shapes and materials. Duchess Kate and Gigi Hadid have both worn her work, so you know it’s the real deal!

Style: A beautiful mix of studs and dangly earrings, with a high level of detail. Options include earrings, pendants, bracelets or rings. If you are looking to design custom jewellery that is personal to you, they also offer a bespoke service.

Price: $$-$$$

Where to buy: Items are available for purchase online


5 minimalist jewellery brands you'll love

Shop: https://catherinezoraida.com/

Next time you’re searching for an affordable and ethical gift for yourself or someone else, check out these 5 minimalist jewellery brands!

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