Hey y’all, I’m Alex!

Thanks for stopping by my About Me page!

A little bit about me: after finishing grad school, I found myself looking for another outlet to write and express myself creatively. And the Florilege was born!

“Florilège” (flo-ri-ledge) is French for anthology, which perfectly describes this space. This blog is a collection of my thoughts, musings, recipes, reviews, essays, and more.

I finished my master’s degree in spring 2020 and I hoped to start my career as a children’s librarian, but the quarantine period kind of put a wrench in those plans. I’m hoping to pursue that once things are back to normal, but for now I’ll be writing and posting here.

I currently live in Toronto with my boyfriend. The other love of my life is my lab/shepherd Tripper.

I mean… look at that face!

Please feel free to explore the collection, and let me know your thoughts!