My Favourite Vintage Stores in Toronto

Vintage clothing is all the rage at the moment, really everything 90s is having a moment. There’s quite a few vintage shops in Toronto now, especially in the Queen West area. Most stores fall into one of two categories: retro women’s dresses and skirts (think Mad Men vibes) and 90’s sportswear (like all the stuff your dad wore in 1996). My favourite vintage stores in Toronto fall somewhere in the middle. I like the shops that have a wide variety of vintage items and aren’t overly curated. Personally, I enjoy going through the racks or piles and finding a gem. I know a lot of people like to walk in and see something great right away, but I don’t mind digging a little bit to find some heat.

Most of my wardrobe is vintage tees and sweaters. I love them for their quality and feel; what’s more comfortable than a t-shirt that’s been washed a million times? Plus, it’s so much better for the planet to give existing garments a new life than to purchase fast fashion that’s low quality and damaging to the environment.

With the vintage clothing market exploding over the last couple of years, it’s become much more difficult to find really cool things very often. A lot of stuff is either in people’s closets or for sale on ebay. Some shops have a nice collection, but a bit overpriced. Others may not have much that interest me, or are mostly reprints. My favourite vintage stores in Toronto have that perfect combination of items, price, and overall vibe.

Public Butter Vintage

My boyfriend loves this store, and with good reason. They have a really cool selection of vintage tees, denim, jackets, and shoes. Prices are pretty reasonable and the staff are chill. You can definitely find something you like here!

House of Vintage

House of Vintage is a bit more curated than Public Butter, but there is definitely still room to poke around a bit. There is a good variety of tops, denim, shoes and accessories. Prices are fair and the pieces are all in great condition.

My favourite vintage stores in Toronto happen to be across the street from each other, so it’s super easy to check them both out. Have you been to these ones, or do you think I missed some other great ones? Let me know!

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