Olaplex No 3 Review for Curly Hair
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Olaplex Review | Does Olaplex work on curly hair?

Hair salons are just starting to reopen, but appointments are filled into the fall and my hair is screaming SOS, so I have to take matters into my own hands. Does this product work? Keep reading my Olaplex review to find out!

My curly hair journey has had a ton of twists and turns (pun intended). Anyone with curly hair knows the lifelong struggle to manage it and the ongoing temptation to just shave it all off.

Being stuck inside during the quarantine made me seriously consider a buzz cut. Before picking up the clippers, I decided to try rescuing my hair one more time. My curl pattern has changed over the years, but right now I have 3a curls. I love the ringlets, but they come with a lot of frizz and puffiness. It probably doesn’t help that my hair has been bleached and dyed, leaving my ends are looking like ramen (Mr Noodles is shook).

My last colour treatment was over a year ago; I got a simple balayage that I’m now growing out. My hair is fine and I feel like I’m always trying to get more volume at the top without teasing it (hi 80s how are ya). I think the most frustrating part of my hair are the two pieces in front of my ears that WILL NOT curl no matter what I do. My whole head is curly except for these pieces right at the front.

I purchased the Olaplex no 3 from Sephora for $38CDN. This seemed a bit steep for a home treatment, but it definitely costs less than a visit to the salon. I figured if I could achieve the results that I want, then this would end up being a bargain. Would Olaplex work on curly hair?

Olaplex No 3 bottle
Olaplex No 3 Bottle


I followed the instructions; I applied it to damp hair, making sure to coat the strands from root to end. They recommend leaving it on for at least 10 minutes, which seemed pretty short to me. Considering I leave my conditioner in for 5 minutes while showering, it seemed like a waste to rinse this out so quickly.

I pinned my coated hair to the top of my head and put my shower cap on.

When I was researching this product, I noticed in the reviews that some people leave it in overnight, but I decided to wash mine out after 2 hours. I used my normal shampoo and conditioner, and dried with a diffuser. I didn’t add any styling products, so this is just a straight comparison.

After the first treatment, I noticed a difference in the curl pattern and quality. In the before picture, you can see the frizzy ends and broken curls. She looks rough.

After the Olaplex treatment, my ends are tamed and my curls are defined. I definitely still need a haircut, but the improvement is still noticeable.

The stringy front pieces are still a bit out of the loop (hi dad joke), but they did develop a slight curl. I think they will improve with continued treatment.

It felt like I was using a lot of product, but I actually have quite a bit left. I would estimate there is enough for 6-8 more treatments. Taking that into consideration, and assuming that my hair will be at least somewhat improved by the end of the bottle, I would say this provides good value. I definitely recommend Olaplex No 3 to anyone looking to nourish their hair and bring it back to life. It’s easy to use, non-irritating, and genuinely improved my hair quality and curl pattern.

Olaplex No 3 for curly hair: review

What do you guys think about my Olaplex review? Have you tried it too? Let me know!

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