Staying Home by Joshua Burleson
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Staying Home by Joshua Burleson: Book Review

As of this writing, we’ve been living with COVID for almost a year now. The physical and mental toll that it has taken on all of us is almost immeasurable. Children and young people are resilient, but the are still so impacted by the abrupt change in how our world works. Wearing masks and staying in the house are challenging concepts for children to understand, especially those who are old enough to remember how things were pre-COVID. As a children’s librarian, I have been on the lookout for books that explore the COVID virus and social changes in an accessible way. I look for titles that address the topic and the very real realities it has brought to everyday life. The cover of Staying Home appealed to me, so I gave it a read.

Staying Home by Joshua Burleson

“Staying Home” is a sweet story that gently explores COVID in a way for children to understand. It explains concepts like viruses and social distancing in a fantasy story with animals and kingdoms. The animal family is still realistic, with normal It aligns with public health guidelines and ways for us to stay safe. The child narrator asks questions that many children are wondering, and validates the real-world emotional toll the virus is taking on children. I also appreciated the idea of children beings heroes too, and exploring how they can help. This is a good story for ages 5-10.

Staying Home by Joshua Burleson: Book Cover

Do I recommend Staying Home by Joshua Burleson?

Overall, this book is a win for me. The illustrations are very cute and comforting. The text is simple without shying way from the truth of the situation.

This is a great read-aloud, definitely recommend it! I will be adding this to our school library collection.

Thank you to NetGalley and Joshua Burleson (author and illustrator) for a digital copy of this book.

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